May 28th Eve – Our 1st Mother

“With the help of the Lord I have brought forth..” NIV Gen 4:1. 

                Firstly, happy Mother’s Day again to all women who are mother figures.  Every day in biblical regard is mother’s day, as the Ten Commandments put moms (and dads) in high esteem. Exodus 20.12. Lofty historical firsts are many in May for women of various societal roles.   1872 Victoria Woodhull, representing the Equal Rights Party, was the 1st woman candidate nominee for US president.  1973 Swimmer Lynn Genesko, received 1st athletic scholarship awarded to a woman -Go U. of Miami!.  1950 Gwendolyn Brooks is 1st African American woman to receive Pulitzer Prize for Poetry 1950.  2020 many children young and old were not able to spend Mother’s day with their mothers for the first time. 

                COVID19 a global virus had come. With it, numerous, unforeseeable disruptions and unplanned or no planned celebrations of moms.  Some were in nursing homes or hospitals unable to be visited for safety restrictions.  Others long distanced could not be visited due to limited, cancelled or banned travel arrangements.  Some mothers, with much sorrow, had passed away.  These circumstances resulted in an unprecedented time of hugging/kissing/loving bonds-challenge. 

                Yet we keep in us a hope to see our moms again.  Romans 5.5 “and hope does not disappoint us because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.”  Those who have the Holy Spirit are filled to satisfaction with the fulfillment of hope.  Praise God for his sufficiency especially through trying times full of lack. 2 Cor 12.9.  Amen for our provisional God Jehovah Jireh. And for the love that remains.

                Eve was the mother of all firsts, hand sculpted and drawn from man by the perfect God himself.  So she was perfect for Adam, perfect for the world, perfect for all people, things and events to come.  Although she was cast out of garden, one could argue that she never fell completely from grace.  First woman Eve, famed for her faults, will be refocused on her missed positives.  She was not born into sin, so she was perfectly sinless.  Eve also was not artificial in any way.  The ideal companion, helper and…mother to ever walk this earth.  No one can compare- even if they lived her 900 years as scholars believe Eve did.

                In defense of Eve, she never experienced a Satanic attack, temptation, or influence before.  While we who read the Bible, have seen/heard/ or witnessed the destruction of the Devil before.  Eve had no prior reference of the lying serpent or sins’ critical consequences.  She “just” disobeyed God.  Not to make light pride of her sin, but can we really condemn her for something we do to this very day.  Additionally, sister, can we do this with or without the foreknowledge of his clever trickiness and sins’ potential devastating outcomes?

                Praise God for his mercy and awesome grace. For no woman, nor mother is flawless.  Yet they are ideally created just for us, and for us to be their children- whether biological, adopted or genetically engineered.  Provided by a God who forgives and loves us for so much.  Jesus being an example of someone who loved Mary, his mother to the very end of his days.  He listened to her, honored her and took care of her for the rest of her days.  John 19: 25-27.

Concern (C)Sister, do you show Jesus’ love to your mother?  If yes, then Amen.  If no, take a deep look inside yourself through the lens of the Lord.  Study out his word on how serious God is about honoring your parents.

Encouragement (E)Respect Mom. Mk 7: 10 (Jesus says to Pharisees & scribes) “For Moses said, Honor your father and your mother’*; and, ‘Whoever reviles father or mother must surely die.’  *(Note: He does not state only if they were good parents to you).  Like Eve what will, with the help of God, you contribute and “bring forth” to life.

Act (A):  Privilege & Praise Mom.  Water to wine Jesus gave his best, spurred by mom. Jn 2:1-11.  Bring her pleasure in being your best child whether 9 or 99.  Privilege her even if she has wronged you.  Should you have an estranged relationship -repent and forgive earnestly! Eph 4:32. God allows no heart to harbor unforgiveness towards others nonetheless your mother. Restore your relationship- for Jesus first, giving God the glory.  Next, for you, letting your hurt go and making room for being blessed.  After, for your family, who may be blessed through the repaired connection (heritage, health, happiness perhaps inheritance).  And then for your mother, if these priority points help.  Free her and YOU from guilt. Continue to hold out hope for how God made her, which although is not perfect,  is a vital part of God’s overall plan.

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1 thought on “May 28th Eve – Our 1st Mother

  1. Thank you for your clever insight of the first woman in the Bible named Eve . She never had the record of the consequences of sin. But, God used her to be a beacon of light to all mothers of the world.

    Great article:


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