April 29th The Apostle -Mary Magdalene

“I have seen the Lord!” John 20:18 NIV

                Historically, April has been a great month in first strides for women.  Notably on April 7, 1805, 17 yr old Sacagawea, daughter of Shoshone chief, was the only woman and a new mother  who helped discover western territories to the Pacific Ocean as an interpreter for the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition.  April 16, 1912, 37 yr old Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly across the English Channel by plane after being the first woman to have gained a pilot’s license in the US a year before.   Lastly, April 2, 1931, 17 yr old Jackie Mitchell, the 2nd woman to play baseball in the all-male minor leagues, struck out NY Yankees Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth in an exhibition game.  Next day, her contract was voided and women banned from playing in major and minor baseball leagues until it was overturned in 1992. You go lionhearted ladies!

                Mary Magdalene was an avant garde lady like these.  Mary of Magdala was a rich woman who used her talents and service to advance Jesus’ ministry.  Jesus cured her of seven demons which bible scholars, though uncertain, believed it was a severe mental illness.  His love made a devoted and powerful follower out of Mary.  Being the first to witness the resurrected Jesus, Mary Magdalene is popularly known to be the Apostle of Apostles.  Jesus had opened her weeping eyes to recognize him at which she cried “Rabboni” (Teacher in Aramaic).  Then the Lord commanded her to go back and tell the others what she had witnessed.  In joy, she did.

                Mary Magdalene is mentioned over 12 times in the New Testament more than most of the apostles.  Her prominence, loyalty and devotion to her Master and Savior is only comparable to two other women of the new testament gospels-his mother and aunt. When all other disciples had fled in fear and despair, it is our brave and faithful sister Mary Magdalene who stayed with them at the shadowing of the cross. She followed Jesus through life for hope. Then she followed Him through death which eventually led to greater hope!  A testament to women everywhere that we are greatly loved, valuable and essential in the work of God.

Concern (C):   Sister, do you see your role in the Lord as being essential?  During this COVID viral crisis, there are many talking about the worth of emergency and essential workers.  We applaud them for all that they are doing to save and help our lives.  Do you as a woman who knows the gospel understand that you are also a Emergency worker to save souls and help others too? Acts 2 & 3.  You sister are an essential worker for God.

Encouragement (E):  Mary Magdalene was never mentioned as being espoused in her workings.  Her significant other was Christ.  Unmarried sisters who may be sheltering in place alone do you realize that the Lord is always your husband.  Isa 54:5.  Many women long for that better half.  But it is the Lord that wants to make you whole and to be your completion.  God used her and other women in the Word in a tremendous way and built a great ministry with their personal contributable resources.  Lk 8:2-3.  What can you bring to God’s table all of your own?

Act (A):  In considering Mary Magdalene, how can you use your talents for the work of his Kingdom?  People outside and especially inside the church need your vision.  Messenger of hope, tell the despaired today that the Lord is still alive!  Encourage them by the words He said and the miraculous things He has done, is doing and could do.  Show everyone by your stalwart life and ablest deeds that you too can say “I have seen the Lord!”

For more info:
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Be safe. Stay home. Save Lives. -With love from The Daughter Line.


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