About The Daughter Line


Cheryl  E. Ashley-Henderson, aka “A.C.E. Love” Henderson, is the Owner and CEO of  The Daughter Line Productions.  The Daughter Line began as a successful clothing line launched in Harlem, NYC in 2007.  It derived out an idea dream that the child of God could stylishly display their faith.  Wearing scriptures that empowered their faith, self-esteem and also looked good.  Selling out her t-shirts and athletic suits during Harlem week, alongside her husband and partner- ACE expanded her sales to other local venues to God loving women-she believed her brand could extend worldwide.   So she established as a small woman, minority owned business LLC in 2016 and compiled her clothing line with inspirational blogging and theatre productions.  

Falling in love with theater since the Broadway revival production of Peter Pan 1979 to modern day Hamilton, ACE was inspirited to write from the age of 7.  Her 1st play “Airplane” engaged and entertained her class so that it became for her a natural and clear passion.  The engagement of the audience through enthralling performances captivated her and has been her signature technique in all of her productions.  Not until the stylishness of Tyler Perry plays was she ignited to set her heart doing off-Broadway productions.   With the positive feedback of her church, coworkers and other theatre goers They Don’t Even Know,  Father Figure and her most successful production, A Nite at the HolYday Inn was performed.    ACE humbly and thankfully credits God for giving her the gift of being a talented, original writer.  Contrasting herself as the female cross of biblical David, a contemporary Shakespeare, an entertaining Perry,  real woman issues of Terry McMillan but in a style all her own- ACE is bringing it for God.  

ACE’s  works are extensive.  Some of her publications are with Baruch college’s newspaper that highlighted a narrative poem The Lion’s Den.   Currently,  she publishes a monthly  inspirational blog called sHe C.A.R.E.S. (Christian Assistance with Readings and Encouragement from Sisters) under her domain The Daughter Line at wordpress.com. *Snippets of blog may be found under Facebook page The Daughter Line.  ACE’s present quest is to craft a television manuscript for  cable network television based on her first love and strength–the Lord.  Keep tuned in folks!

ACE received her Masters in School Counseling from Hunter College in 2013 incorporating some theories, awareness & helping aspects into her productions.  All the while working for a government agency, she continues to set her sights on further learning and managing her own enterprise.  ACE does it being a wife,  mother of two teenagers, stepmom, new grand mother, community leader and over 35 years as a faithful Christian (among many other hats).  How does she do it all through the power and strength of God.   She strives to be an ACE at loving Him.  She believes The Daughter Line is in part, a powerful way to share her faith.  It is in direct reflection of loving God by writing, loving and supporting her fellow woman-and man.  Additionally, from all her paid productions she always gives a percentage of her proceeds back to the community, causes and organizations that matter to her audience.  Love matters.

In closing, ACE is as simple as ABC- Apparel, Blog and Creative Productions All Surpassing.    A befitting underlying logo to The Daughter Line Productions.  Love is her ultimate goal ..with that as its own prize it can only lead to more winning. God willing. 

Please Show Up for Broadway, theater, community and school arts programs everywhere!

All the Best-Be blest!

Cheryl “ACE Love” Henderson
The Daughter Line Productions
“A life line for the child of God”

Ps 37:4  Take Delight in the Lord and He will Give You the Desires of  Your Heart (NIV)