June 30th -Deborah God’s Defender

“…they held back until I, Deborah, arose, until I arose, a mother in Israel” Judges 5:7(NIV)

    On this last day of June we honor women who made great historical triumphs this month.  June 9th 1949 Georgia Neese Clark was the 1st woman US treasurer.  June  21st 1921 Inglewood, California -the Women’s National Basketball  Association plays its very 1st game between the Los Angeles Sparks  and New York Liberty.  The Sparks’ African American player Penny Toler scores the first basket but Liberty wins the game 67-57.  June 1st 1993

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Connie Chung becomes 1st Asian American woman to co-anchor the evening news. 

                In recent news events, the death of George Floyd by Minnesota police officers has sparked civil unrest reverberating throughout the world.  Chants of “No Justice, No Peace” , “Say His Name” & “Black Lives, they matter here” can be heard far and wide on the streets of the United States.  These emanate from protesters demanding justice of Floyd’s death right now.  What was remarkable about these protests were the amounts of young people that marched.  Also the majority of protesters were White between  53-61 percent in attendance in some cases.  Another outstanding facet of the protesters was the galvanization of mothers after seeing footage of Floyd dying calling out for his deceased mother.  Mothers everywhere were moved to answer.  

                In the heart of many of us women who are wives, sisters, daughters , mothers and the like how could we not?.  To hear such a needful cry,  desperate pleas for urgent loving and life caring even saving help can stir up the most tired and most tried of us to insurmountable selfless and intense action most expeditiously.   Deborah a leader, a judge and prophetess was such a woman in the Bible.  Her story and song is honored by God in the books of Judges Chapters 4-5.   Deborah sent for Barak, a man called by God to lead an army into battle against His people’s  the Israelites oppressors.  However, he would not go without her. He was calling her to help him and Deborah’s reply was “Certainly.. but..the honor will not be yours”.  The victory would be hers “..a woman”!

                The spirit of Deborah resounds in the hearts of many warrior women today.  The steadfast steps of bravery to see the victory and justice won for not only the people and the purpose-but for a Righteous God!  He used Deborah to embolden Barak, to save the Israelites and to annihilate the enemies of God.   He put her on the frontline.  That same strength can be seen in Joan of Arc, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Nancy Pelosi .  And yes every woman in the march for change!

Concern (C)Sister, are you a leader?  Leadership takes many forms.  And is not always within a group setting.  A leader envisions, inspires, motivates, serves, empathizes, manages, builds, improves, tasks risks to create the world they want to see.  It is usually for a higher cause though the opposite can be true as we see in the example of Hitler.  You can be called or you can believe it is a calling.  Is God calling you to lead or to lead in assisting?

Encouragement (E)Lead by Listening  Heb 13:7  Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you.  Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.  God totally encourages us to copy other’s faith.  You see a person who has strengths you do not?  Consider how their faith led them to victory and duplicate!

Act (A):  Lead by Following.  The Holy Spirit wants to lead you.  Through temptations, trials, persecutions, doubts, fears and all the vices Satan has devised.  But we must in humility keep in step with it.  In serving others, in loving, in sharing and many other aspects Sister you are a leader.  Be strong, be confident in yourself and the power of the Lord and lead on!

For Further Women’s History  https://nationalwomenshistoryalliance.org/events/june/

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