Nov 27th Giving Thanks for Lynn –Reflections from Charmin (Qualities, 2 Peter 1:5-9 Study cont.)

2 Peter 1:8-9  For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. But whoever does not have them is nearsighted and blind, forgetting that they have been cleansed from their past sins. 

Friend, loved Boney James, smiling, beautiful, strong, loving, loved the older women in her ministry, special, daughter, high standard of spiritual living, easy to love, adviser, people magnet, always pleasant, smiling, loved All in the Family and Good Times, angel on earth,  impartial, encouraging, dreamer, listener, embodiment of Christ, appreciative, loved books, joyful, helpful, saint, an example, faithful, woman, loved God, gentle corrector,  a sewer and a sower.   “That was Lynn!,”  Our beloved sister and Charmin’s best friend who passed October 16th 2018.  Now home shining free with both fathers in heaven!

Today is Giving Tuesday, a nationally recognized holiday started in 2012.  Following Thanksgiving and Black Friday, it is a time people are encouraged to kickoff the holiday season by giving back to their community. About 25% of Americans plan on donating money or volunteering to a charitable cause. Created to combat commercialism and consumerism, this day seeks to benefit society.  For the Christian, God creates us to give everyday in service and in thanks for our Lord and Savior Jesus (Eph 2:10).  So we aim to give generously to others out of gratefulness and in response to Christ’s sacrifice and demonstration of love on the cross.  That is our root.  From that stem our leaves grow in reflection of how we conduct ourselves and practice our doctrine.  Also, how we show love to the family of believers and non believers, neighbors and even our enemies-these are our fruits.  Though it may be more expedient to give money rather than time…what kind of person willingly gives their very self?  Literally speaking, as vain as we women can be, I was no less than curiously astonished after seeing the radical hairdo of one of my sisters in the faith. “I cut off my hair”, says Charmin. Why?

This is the interview I had with Charmin Wells.  Fitting for this season, fitting for this day. Demonstrating the type of magnanimous love that Jesus speaks about. Where one lays down their life for their friend John 15:13.  Though not to be fully compared to the martyrdom the Savior speaks and show us of.  This act calls the very core of our nature, naturally selfish and self preserving, not simply to question but to the higher levels of covenant devotion to one another.

“I dreamt I cut my hair and just did it…I wanted to encourage her”.  Charmin says with tears that stay welled up in her eyes.  (Lynn and Charmin both had long hair and after undergoing chemo treatments, Charmin cut off all of hers to look like her best friend  Lynn).  Lynn smiled,  heartened by the gesture.

After some moments of silence, those tears fell.  So I asked Charmin, what was she feeling.  “I feel the absence of my friend”.  Lynn was not only her sister in Christ but devoted in friendship comparable to the relationship between Jonathan and David (2 Sam 1:26) “I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother; you were very dear to me. Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women”. Charmin reflects on the times they shared together.  “She was my prayer partner for years”, “She gave me a surprise 50th birthday party… You don’t announce things, when people truly love you they know.”   “She had the keys to my apartment, I also had hers.”  Charmin was there whenever Lynn would call as soon as possible-meaning ASAP! Lynn had multiple sclerosis and when she fell beyond ability to recoup, Charmin got there to pick her up. (Ecc 4:9-12)   MS is one among other Qualities that were not described at the top of this article.  Honestly, Lynn was bigger than, let’s not say disability, but her ineQUALITIES.  Additionally, she was never married, childless, lived at home with her father taking care of him until his death; and stayed in that home being taken care of until hers.  A life that most women never imagine dreaming of.  But Lynn did it!- with all the joy, liveliness and thankfulness of a person overflowing with everything. Because she knew and trusted in the Father that was everything.

At our closure, Charmin displayed the beautifully crafted jewelry Lynn had made that she keeps in remembrance.  Furthermore, she shared a favorite scripture of Lynn’s that helped her persevere through life (1 Thes 5:16-18) “ Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Another jewel.  Do what God wants you to do is what motivated Lynn to the finish line.  It is also what inspires Charmin to continue in strength while facing such a great loss (Phil 1:27; Ps 73:23-28) and 2 Pet 1:10 Therefore, my brothers and sisters, make every effort to confirm your calling and election. For if you do these things, you will never stumble, and you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”   There is propelling joy in receiving that eternal reward from God and innervating hope to rejoice with Lynn again.  No more tears then, I am sure.

Concern (C): Sister, do you have a David/Jonathan covenant relationship with another?

Encouragement (E):  Your love for that other should mirror equally or even more than how you love you. 1 Sam 18:3-4 “And Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself.  Jonathan took off the robe he was wearing and gave it to David, along with his tunic, and even his sword, his bow and his belt.” Jonathan gave to David not only his weapons of protection making himself temporary vulnerable, he also took the very clothes of his back and became barer for his beloved friend.

Act (A):  If you do have such a relationship,  how can you increase your levels of consistent love and constant devotion?  In essence, lay down your life for your friend? Perhaps in their illness, loneliness, homelessness, hungriness etc? What way has God prompted your heart?  Pray about it.  And if you do not have such a covenant relationship why not pray to God to draw someone to you and in the interim show unfailing kindness to your circle of friends.  Amen!



This blog is dedicated to Lynn-Personally having known you, I am so grateful you took me to a greater level of gratitude. To smile in trust that God has everything in control.  Giving thanks to God our Father in His son’s name because he sent you to our ministry.  Until we meet again. I love you and thank you so much for leaving your legacy of the girls’ angel outfits for my play.  We are indeed so blessed you left little pieces of you with us.  Hug Mr. George for me.  Well done sis! Well done!  Thank you for giving to end Multiple Sclerosis

Bomey James Beautiful Watch “Boney James – So Beautiful” on YouTube



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