Jehovah Elohim- God The Almighty

Matt 27:46 “…Jesus cried out in a loud voice, ‘Eloi, Eloi lama sabachthani?’ (which means ‘My God, my God why have you forsaken me?’)”

God is an awesome God!  Therefore He is called by many meaningful names as He is defined in our lives.  The Daughter Line is launching our 2021 series the Ten Names of God in honoring praise of Him.  Although there are many names for God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Adonai and the like; we will focus on only ten of His Hebrew names.  We recognize that scholars have noted three languages as original biblical languages-Hebrew, Koine Greek and Aramaic.  We will interpret (as best as possible) some of the more powerful meanings behind all of His glorious names into English. 

Jehovah Elohim.  FACT:  In Hebrew, Elohim means God Almighty or Supreme One.  It is also a plural which can oft refer to the Trinity in the holy scriptures.  Elohim is mentioned over 2500 in Hebrew Bible.  Meanings can range from gods in general to specific gods like Yahweh (YHWH) the God of the Israelites.  Yahweh which is the divine name of God is mentioned over 5400 times in the Hebrew scriptures.  Together Jehovah Elohim is mentioned over 800 times.  

Recently in the news, we see a Black man on the ground held down by his neck by the unrelenting knees of a White police officer. As his life ebbed away under the unbearable weight of another man’s, everyone in the court room had to watch the constant replaying of this video to see justice done. As he was dying, It often moved eye witnesses and loved ones to tears. They had to recall the traumatic incident, for which they testified on behalf of a subdued man who in anguish struggled to breathe. In his last moments,

George Floyd cried out “Mama”.

Like a child helpless, in great need of comfort or just to know that there is a parental presence in times of extreme hardship or distress. Mama/Mommy/Mother is, universally speaking, the most loving, caring, powerful and saving person that will come immediately at call. Having carried, birthed, nursed and cared for her child from the very beginning. She is the first person a child will bond to, knowing her voice, scent but most of all her loving heart. And for most children that relationship will last for all of both’s lifetime in that special unique way.

Jesus the Son and God the Father had this relationship from the beginning of time. When Jesus was dying on the cross. He too, similarly in pain and alone, cried out

“Eloi, Eloi, lama sabacthani”

Jesus called out to God on the cross, why have you forsakened me. God’s whose name is also Eloi or Eli has the undertone of meaning God the Father.  Jesus is calling out to his Father who has all power to rescue Him from the cross.  He might have longed for God to just relieve him of the struggles of dying and hold him in His arms once again. Yet God does not. Jesus willing to do His Father’s will obeys his fate of death. Concludes his cry, by asking why have you forsaken or abandoned me Daddy?  We get the feelings of Jesus’ heavy loneliness, and sudden very stark separation of God.  The loss of Jesus’ relationship with God, because of our sin, was too painful.  Like a child torn away from his parent and left all alone without anyone to hero. Only a little while after saying this, does Jesus gives up his spirit and commits it to his Father’s entrusting hands.   

Concern (C):  Sister, do/did you ever feel abandoned by God?  Jesus can relate!  Many of us have struggled, even during this pandemic, with feeling isolated and alone from those we love.  Imagine Jesus who spent his life, from the beginning of time, with God; to end after all this time in this one moment God apart from him.  The guilt some of us experience knowing we caused the greatest relationship of all times to break up moves us to tears.  Yet God loves us so much allowing that to happen to his one and only Son, as His ultimate plan to bring us back to Him. How will we reply to Him- in reconciliation or rejection? God awaits our personal answer.

Encouragement (E):  God is Almighty!  Jesus did not stay deserted.  After three days, God raised him from the dead through the absolute power of love!  Because of the Resurrection there is hope of life after death for those that believe in him today as those that did in his day.  Moreover we can have an eternal relationship with Him only through the forgiving saving blood of Jesus Christ. 

Act (A}:  Accept the message of Jesus Christ as Lord.  Believing in your heart is not the only component for having Christ become your Lord and Savior.  You are to confess he is, repent and be baptized for the forgiveness of your sins.  Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, walk the rest of your days saving yourself from the corruption of this generation.  Sharing with others the message you received along the way. Forging with the attitude of gratitude helps every day.


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