Thank You-Jehovah Shammah God is Present

Luke 12: 6-7  Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.  Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

Sparrows are a part of 18 different bird species mentioned in the bible. Out of more than 11,000 bird species there are 140 different sparrows in the species. A part of the family Passeridae, they live on every continent except Antartica. Not only do they have beautiful singing and chirping voices to claim territory and attract mates; they are very persistent, smart and resourceful. Their brain consists of about 4.3% of their full body weight (considerably more than other birds). More than 150 bird species have gone extinct over the last 5 centuries. 20 years ago the house sparrow was considered almost totally to have disappeared, now it is making a comeback from being considered threatened and endangered. They love to be close to humans. So it is important as we evolve our environment keeps them protected and safe from extinction.

Sparrows on average are about 4-8 inches long and have a life span aproximately 3-5 years. They are relatively little in comparison to the over 9 million species in the animal kingdom of which humans are included. The Animalia kingdom being the largest and most diverse of the 5 kingdoms of living things, needs birds like these which are vital in controlling pests in our ecological system. Today you can buy a sparrow as a pet for about $20, however in biblical times you can buy two for 1 penny, basically meaning 1 sparrow was free.

Why go into depth about a sparrow, knowing many readers who are simply not interested in this topic have already stopped scrolling? I credit you for getting this far. After all, there are far more germane blog topics to write about under the heading God is Present right? Well, here’s the additional reward for you. See the word “bird”, mentioned over 42 times in general in the bible, references the sparrow over 7 times. Why?.. because they matter to God. And what is relevant to God is indispensable with no difference in how big or small they may seem. That is why the scripture in Luke 12:6 is so meaningful because it indicates that despite the world’s views on the value of a sparrow–God treasures each and every one. Equivalently, we can then surely trust and believe He cares for you and I. We are worthwhile, sister, with no divergence from what people or even what we think about ourselves. So fly high! God is Present, Jehovah Shammah, know much “more” He watches and cares over you. (Matt 6:30, Matt 7:11, Lk 11:13)

Concern (C): Sister, have you ever felt small in your own eyes or in the eyes of someone you looked up to, needed or loved? God foreknew in his great wisdom, that we would fall victim to the devil’s trap of believing we are not good enough, important, or valued. It is simply a lie.

Encouragement (E): God’s eye is on YOU! He tells you specifically in scripture how MUCH MORE VALUABLE we are then even the sparrows he lovingly, carefully created for His will and purposes. Yes you have a purpose. Yes you were planned and well thought out. You were designed with awesomeness. Reflected with his image, your being in a relationship with him was so paramount, he gave his only son Jesus a sentence of death on that awful cross.

Act (A): Say thank you God. Be thankful in every circumstance the Bible says. Even if the situation is horrible and discouraging, find something to be grateful for. According to scripture thankfulness is key to receiving His peace (Phil 4:6-7). Thank Him for the victory that’s at the end of every trial and temptation. You know tests are temporary and He is permanently God! Able to save, enduring in love, faithful to our future-God is here and near. This is true Thanksgiving not one day a year but every day for eternity.


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