July 31st Whatever, Sister


“Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things”. Phil 4:8 NIV

Robin Williams, Don Cornelius, Marilyn Monroe, Vincent Van Gogh, Cleopatra, Osamu Dazai, Pritilata Waddedar, Lupe Velez, Simone Battle & the 7 NYPD Officers.  This blog is dedicated to stars like them.
National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

Ahh Summertime!  Sit back on a warm wooden bench and gaze upon The Brick House.  Allow whatever ruminations to arise and cultivate in you the intents of both sculptor and sculpture.  Feel and experience it- What is it?  Who is it?  Why is it?  All of these grand whatevers are inimitably yours to savor and regard however you choose.

The Brick House is an imperial bronze bust of “black beauty” formed by Jamaican born artist Simone Leigh.  It sits up high at 30th St & 10th Ave on the spur of New York City’s High Line.  This artwork is just a block away from where Abraham Lincoln rode as the 1st passenger of the Hudson River Railroad on the way to his presidential inauguration.  Welcome to 2019’s newly opened luxuriously modern Hudson Yards !

Hudson Yards, a 25 billion dollar project stretching roughly from 30th to 41st St, between 8th and 11th Aves is a part of countless new constructions that make up what they are calling the “New New York”.  As NYC’s newest locality, Hudson Yards, is home to The Shed (a mobile building showcasing diverse artists’ talents) and The Vessel (a uniquely twisting staircase for breathtaking city views).  These two highly popularized art structures arouse both the tourist and the native visitor.  Arts and craftsmanship scientifically prove brain stimulation and increased blood flow to it by as much as 10%.  This in turn produces healthy brain functioning whereas your body gets the proper oxygen and glucose needed to think, remember, focus and improve sharpness.  Thus you look and feel better.  I digress, let’s return to art.

Venturing inside Hudson Yards, which is the only place in NY laying claim to the fame of having Neiman Marcus; is also home to many other luxurious shops.  Cartier, Chanel, Coach are a few head turning stores. Okay some others besides Cs are Fendi, Muji, Rolex Tiffany & Co.  And wow looking around, what  brand is this of stylishly bright colored, textured purse collections …oh..(praying in silent respect)  Kate Spade.  Standing still in the window I recalled the news on how this trendy mogul once a fashion visionary succumbed to suicide last year on June 5.  How could someone with such gloom produce such vitality ?From her  bio she seemed to have held the world in a bag, toting fame, family and fortune with ease.   Yet this former Mademoiselle couldn’t put a handle on her demonic battle against anxiety and depression.  I can relate to her as well  like many others..Ms. Spade is not alone. Much respect to her family and legacy.

**Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death worldwide.  And with new reports on depression being on the rise with young millenials due to substance abuse and antisocial behavior suicide stats may be on the rise. 

Saul, Noah, Jonah, Job, Moses and King David experienced  symptoms typical of grief, anxiety and depression.  Though there are strong similarities amongst them, they are very distinctive in psychological terms.  God knows and understands all about them clearly, (singing Jesus knows all about our struggles).  And still calls us into an obedient relationship with Him.  For example King David who was known as the man “after God’s own heart” wrote some of the most heavenly psalms while descending the lowest “downcast” and disturbance in his soul Ps 42:5.  Jesus even felt “overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death” Mk 14:34.  Even God in Gen 6:6 “regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled”.  Hence the story of Noah and the Flood begins.  So sister, if you are combating sadness great or small, know this -you are in the Most Excellent company!  Know also grief and sadness generally have a shorter episode than depression but all of them can be alleviated by the Love Hope and Joy of following Christ. Note: I am not minimizing implementing medication, therapy and such treatments (absolutely seek professional help).  But as a personal contender against those issues, I strongly believe if you truly want to get well it starts and ends with Jesus’ help.  Ps 3:3 But you LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.  Get to knowing Jesus.

Concern: Sister, what do you spend your time thinking about?  And how much of your time are you pondering these things.

Encouragement:  The Bible gives us answers on what to think about and for how long.  These guidelines are not to boss us but to set us on the right course for positive thinking processes.  These things above are God’s reflections.  To meditate on His word, Isaiah 26:3 is going to save us.  “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast because they trust in you”.  Have no swaying doubts on the emotional storms of sadness.  Jesus is in the boat, is the boat and is the captain for your soul.  In deep stormy waters it’s hard- But He with you! Look set at Him the joy before you-Rest back- & ride it’s safe happy sailings! (Heb 12:2, Matt 8:23)

Act:  Sister, over 23x is meditation mentioned in the Scriptures.  Like (Ps 1:1-2) “Blessed… who meditates on his law day and night”. Enact upon it immediately like a life preserver upon feeling misery and desolation.  Run down the list till you’re flooded with thinking about good things- perhaps a newborn baby or a timely gift.  Right things- like the Bible or the way the sun and moon move in order.  Beautiful things- like a rose, a smile or You Eph 2:10 “We are God’s masterpiece”. Yes You are art!  And just control to a stop, anything contrary.  If you wander back to the negative read a Psalm, or find a friend to share thankfulness with, or take a walk to some more art.  If all ideas run out on earth, look to the mountains, heavens and stars above. Beauty is endless. Then  (Phil 4:7) “he will guard your hearts and minds”.  Behold the vision of God and His Son’s love surrounding you and the universe.  Come whatever, sister, the Lord’s got you Forever!

**10/30  Editor’s Note-  I have realized after taking a mental health first aid course that I need to be more responsible in this article by providing additional resources for depression and suicide.  Mental illness effects 1 out of 5 persons.  Seeking professional help is very important if it has impacted the desirable quality of life of a person.  Many people who believe in God, pray, follow Scriptures and attend church can still suffer from depression and suicidal tendencies. “Right”eous thinking may not be easily attained or the solution for all.  Therefore therapy, medication and other forms of treatment and support services should be sought after immediately- it all depends on the individual. **

For support contact: 1-888-NYC-WELL/1-888-692-9352 (Press 2) or text WELL to 65173

Get training support for yourself, your church and other organizations at http://www.MentalhealthFirstAid.org



Kate Spade https://google.com/search/static/gs/m06bkdx.html


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