Nov 30 The Bold & The Awkward

Matt 5:33 “Daughter,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you; go in peace and be free of your affliction.”

Anne Edison Taylor was the first person to wheel barrel over Niagara Falls and survive. On her 63rd birthday, Oct 24, 1901, she did what no one else had yet done.  Though she was on a mission simply for financial gain, two could agree that was a bold move.  My husband, a bold and handsome warrior in great eagerness to renew our vows once accidentally unhinged a locked hotel door where the procession was being held because he wanted it so badly for us.  We were late, (sorry honey) but that did not stop Mr. Hercules.  He certainly fazed me with the intensity of his love and commitment.  A memory to last a lifetime.  No question, he was a man also on a mission -where nothing was impossible.

The most inspiring and memorable persons of the Bible were indeed both bold and mission minded.  There was John the Baptist, who dressed in camel’s hair ate locusts and wild honey while preparing the way for the Lord; the weeping woman with the Alabaster jar, who perfumed Jesus feet with nard worth over $54,509 in today’s U.S. dollars in unspeakable love; Zaccheus the tax collector who climbed up a sycamore tree who just had to see the Messiah or the poor widow who put into the offering ALL SHE HAD to live on because she knew the source of her help.  One great commonality is they stood out from the crowd and in return received the Lord’s blessed attention, encompassing forgiveness and grace-filled noteworthy praise! On top of that cake, He became their ally.

Concern (C): Sister, are you more concerned with being cool with the crowd than “catching fire” for Christ? Does it really matter what bullies you face when you know the Lord is your first friend.   Romans 8:38 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?

Encouragement (E):  Be confident in knowing that no matter how many people are in this world, God sees you directly, specifically and thoroughly.  And Yes that can either be intimidating or entitling- Impress Jesus! Like those biblical lamps, the one thing that always seemed to move and cause Jesus to feel something, was that person standing on distinguishable faith.  He has the power to catch us if we fall having authority over all.  Public evangelizing, preaching, praying -it takes a little bold and awkward to live a Christian life for sure.  Satan is bold without apology.  How much more should we be!tdl-boldwoman

Act (A):  Show God something Great today.  Get down on your knees to pray in the middle of an elevator ride, wake up an hour or two earlier to have a quiet time date with the Lord cause he’s just that special or go for a power walk and invite everyone along the way into a relationship with God.  People will think you are strange but there is nothing strange in loving a Perfect Father, a Wonderful Son and a Beautiful Holy Spirit.  It is weird not to and not to show it.  One thing that show a person’s sincere faith is what they do in marriage to what they say.  Yet to go the extra mile in Jesus eyes, is to be bold and very often coupled with a uncomfortable degree of awkwardness and non-familiarity.  In reply, our Savior Jesus says of us, as he did to the people criticizing the weeping woman at his feet, ” Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven-as her great love has shown. ..”Luke 7:47.  What greater recognition is there than that? And from whom greater.  Let a little Crazy be the new Cool. After all that is what they Jesus and the disciples right? Mark 3:21. 2Cor 5:13.



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