Nov 15 Sister YOU are Wonder Woman!


Proverbs 31: 25
She is clothed with strength and dignity; 
she can laugh at the days to come.

When I was younger how fond was I of my cousin’s collection of comic books! His dresser filled with the Adventures of Thor, The Incredible Hulk and Silver Surfer to name a few.  What was of real fascination were the women comic book heroines Storm, Catwoman and Wonder Woman.  These fictional characters exuded strength, power and an indomitable sense of  purpose.  Battling the forces of evil, with courage equivalent and sometimes superior to their male counterparts, they executed with such ease and savvy.  Not missing a beat in apprehending their villain, these paladins somehow simultaneously managed to keep every strand of flawless hair in its perfect luxurious place. Total WoW!

Wonder Woman was one of my favorite shows, airing on national television from 1975-1979.  I had Lynda Carter’s character downpacked- from the alter ego spin, to the metallic band bracelets (thanks mom), to the theme intro song.  You could not tell me at 6 years old I was not her!  As amazingly wonderful as she was, there are more awesome real life women.  In the Bible my female superheroes are -the devoted and hardworking Ruth, the teenaged obedient mother of Jesus Mary and beautiful, intelligent, humble faithful Queen Esther.  These women were noted in God’s eyes not only for their faith but for their insuperable heroism in the face of great disadvantage.

Sisters today face similar challenges in their marriage, health and other contexts of life.  Despite opposition, odds and overwhelm they demonstrate the truest epitome of the Proverbs 31 woman.  It’s a wonder how she does it all!  Just like her people wonder at how you do it -Working inside & outside the home, helping family & friends, conducting charitable works, all while living uprightly for the Lord.  Certainly, this is just a snip of the snapshot of some things you accomplish daily.   Yet you do All without maid/men servants, because of God’s spirit in you. Whew! No wonder, You sister, are WW!

Concern (C):  What do you Wonder(Full) Woman do to maintain your energy and inspiration?  

Acts (A):  Psalm 23 states that the Lord  “restores my soul”.  Like Jesus refuel on the Bread of God daily (before the world comes looking for you -if possible).  On His words Power up and  not just 1x a day but use as often as needed.  Let the Lord be your energy source since you know the Devil destroys worse than Kryptonite.  The Word promises that we will get no more than we can bear.  Memorize Psalm 17:7  His love is wonderful.


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