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Oct 31st “Ignoble” Girls of the Bible-Spotlighting Sapphira, Jael and Tamar

2 Tim 2:20 “In a large house there are not only things made of gold and silver vessels, but also ones made of wood and of clay, and some are for honorable use, but others are for ignoble use. “ NET

                Note from the Editor-Wow it is hard to believe that there are only 62 days left until 2021.  This year has been full of faith, figuring it out and fortitude.  For a lot us, mostly fear.  Today, Oct 31, a day where over 148 million Americans are expected to still celebrate Halloween despite the scarier coronavirus epidemic–please continue practice safety.  In a few days will be Election Day which like today may also get pretty nerve-racking .  According to today’s USA Today, 2020 may produce the most voter turnout in a century.  In 1920 the right to vote the 19th amendment was given to women.  Susan B. Anthony (who illegally completed a ballot drop in 1872) and Elizabeth Cady Staton would have loved to see this day where a woman may become our 1st Vice President.  And I am sure Sojourner Truth who was turned away in 1872 (the same year Elizabeth Woodhull the 1st woman to run for US President-coincidence?) would have been so excited to see this title possibly go to an African American woman! since The Daughter Line is praying for your continued health and wellness.  Also we thank you for your continued support as we celebrated our 4th Year anniversary on October 19, 2020.  We will soon be concluding our Commemoration of the Centennial Anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement.   However we urge you to extend your studies of estrogen excellence.  Women have overcome many challenges literally since the beginning of Man.  And this year is no different, though testing we can be ever so grateful that we can trust in a God who holds all the answers.  He even gives us an example in Jesus so we can copy from his life!  

                Occurrences that happened in October historically for women are-3rd, 1904 – Mary McLeod Bethune opens 1st African American school in Florida.  10th, 1983 Dr. Barbara McClintock receives the Nobel Prize for Medicine with her discovery in mobile genetic elements.  11th, 1984- Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan is 1st U.S. woman astronaut to “walk” in space during Challenger flight.  30th, 2020 Juanita Holmes, officially becomes 1st female and 1st African American female to become NYPD Chief of Patrol (the largest police force in the nation!)

                The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me”, is a provocative quote from Russian-American Ayn Rand (author of bestselling novel The Fountainhead).  The famous women mentioned above have all done incredible things.  Reaching extreme aspirations, they have been awarded and publicly recognized for their awesome genius.  Assuredly, each one faced obstacles.  Yet they let nothing stop them thus becoming eminent women of history.

                Still there are other women who have made history with talents for ignoble purposes.  Yes God gives everyone a talent Matt 25:15.  Yet these types of women are acknowledged for their gifts of doing-well–“bad”.  The bible is full of good stories of “bad” girls-Delilah, Bathsheba, Vashti, Jezebel are some instances.  Yet the Bible states in 1 Tim 4:4, “For every creation of God is good,” Ps 104:24, “You have made them all; the earth is full of your creatures”, Prov 16:4, “The Lord has made everything for His purpose –even the wicked for the day of disaster“.  Believe even these “bad” ladies were used for God’s good.  In view of this, let us look at some weaknesses and strengths of Sapphira, Jael and Tamar.

                Sapphira, Acts 5:1-11.  The wife of Annaias, she conspired with her husband to falsely report on withheld monies.  The consequence for Sapphira’s ignoble actions was immediate death.  On the good side, she was loyal to her husband yet it was bad that she did not remember her first husband is the Lord.  What a makeover story if she had put Him above her spousal allegiance, Luke 14:26.  What we also learn from her is not to test the Holy Spirit.
Jael, Judges 5:4:24-31.  The wife of Heber, who was at peace with Jabin an enemy of the Lord.  Jael took Jabin in her tent, under false hospitality, to drive a deadly peg in his temple.  What we learn from her is that a woman can be sharp and strong with the strength and wisdom of the Lord.  We are incredibly smart, our mental acuteness can be a fierce weapon for good or a deadly poison for bad.  Tamar, Gen 1:38.  The daughter in law of Judah, in desperation to receive her rightful honor, became his “prostitute”.  Judah forgot his pledge to her and in realizing he had wronged her called Tamar”more righteous” than he.  This “bad” girl became a member of Judah’s lineage.  His tribe was the most powerful in Jerusalem and the direct ancestral line of David, Solomon and our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Concern (C)Do you consider yourself of noble or ignoble use for God?  The Message Bible reads, in Tim 2:20-21 “In a well-furnished kitchen there are not only crystal goblets and silver platters, but waste cans and compost buckets-some containers are used to serve fine meals, others to take out the garbage.” Naturally, we yearn for lives worthy of respect, full of love and positive accomplishment.  We also long for wealth, beauty , health and such desirables.  None of us want to be of compost use for God though there is still great use that comes from compost.  Truth is, a lot of us are excusing our garbage, which is making us lackluster and frankly we just need to take it out!

Encouragement (E)Sister, Be a crystal goblet!  We have to rise above what strips away our shining faith.  Life will attempt to chip at us and crack us.  But God is the great potter.  He can take the broken pieces of our lives and put us back together so we can do great things.  Isaiah 64:8 “But now Lord, you are our father. We are the clay, and you are the potter.  All of us are the work of your hand.” 

Act (A):  Pray for Focus on Who then What Is Most Important.  The trials set before these three women gave them an opportunity to either set their focus on themselves, their situations or their God.  The triumphant stories all ended with those choosing and doing the latter.  Additionally, we see the common thread in all, they were trying to save something temporary–kingdom, inheritance, money.  However, the wise woman knows the focus should be on the eternal, Matt 16:25 “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it”.  What a noble thing to give oneself up for God.  For we are momentary in comparison to finding the everlasting life He has for us- as a sparkling silver platter to serve others and Him.

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This blog is dedicated to the Great Women Suffragists who paved the way-Thank you!

Sept 29th- Laugh! From Barren to Believing-The Story of Sarah & Elizabeth

Gen 21:6 “Sarah said, “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.”

Luke 1:25 “The Lord has done this for me,” she (Elizabeth) said.

                Hope you had a Happy National Daughter’s Day on September 25th, 2020.  Here are other paramount events that happened for women historically during the month of September–12th, 1910-Alice Stebbins Wells formerly a minister and social worker, becomes 1st American woman police officer with arrest powers for the LAPD.  She consequently, also designed the 1st woman’s police uniform.   25th, 1981- Sandra Day O’Connor is sworn in as the first woman U.S. Supreme Court Justice retired in 2006.  29th, 1988 the first American woman to reach the summit of Mt. Everest the world’s highest mountain was Stacy Allison, Junko Tabei born on Sept 22, 1939 was the first and the first to climb the highest peak of the Seven Summits.

                2020-On Sept 18 Ruth Bader Ginsberg  2nd US Supreme Court Justice dies.  And on Sept 25th President Trump nominates Judge Coney Barrett to take her seat.  If she is selected, Republicans will hold a 6-3 advantage.   On the 23rd, in the case of Breonna Taylor a Black woman who was fatally shot in her home by raiding police officers; all were abdicated except one who was charged with 3 counts“wanton endangerment” for her neighbor.

                Breonna Taylor, was only 26 when she died.  She was an Emergency Room Technician who planned to go back to school for a degree in nursing.  She like many woman worked to improve herself, building up her credit score to purchase a house and start a family.  Due to the negligence of our police and justice systems in recognizing that Black Lives Matter, an innocent US citizen will never know what it is like to realize those dreams.  Getting married, fulfilling her goals and having a child these hopes have gone down with her in the grave.  Civil unrest and peaceful protests have been incessant since her untimely end on March 13th, 2020.  Though many things in life are unanticipated and deplorable-God is a Just God.  He himself understands being innocent and still having to suffer unjustly.  Yet we are still called to have faith and take heart.  We are still called to have hope  Romans 15:3 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit”.

                Sarah and Elizabeth were both women who were given hope by God past insurmountable circumstances.  Like Breonna Taylor, they did not have their dreams of having children in their youths.  These daughters of Abraham were well up in age, that it was physically improbable for them to conceive, carry through their terms and give birth.  Being barren, which means to be incapable of producing offspring, disgraced these women.  Not only outwardly by their community, the talks the looks. But also internally by their feelings of inadequacy and helplessness.  The act of procreation, thought of as a woman’s blessing as well as a commandment Gen 1:28; 9-7 was their impossible dream.  Therefore for a woman to not fulfill her social, societal, marital, generational, overall her feminine role- with all its expectations often left her with no hope, desperate and vexed. 

                However, God is a Provider!  The Lord visited Sarah with good news that she will give birth.  In her cynicism she laughs and lies to God when he called her out on it.   I love when the Lord said, “Yes you did laugh”.  See it is of no benefit to make a comedian and downright liar out of Jesus.  Nonetheless, in God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness at around the age of 90 Sarah has a son-Isaac!  The next time she is biblically noted to have laughed it was in the fuller realization of the joy God gave to her. 

                Similarly, Elizabeth was also infertile -until the angel Gabriel came and gave her husband the good news of the upcoming birth of John.  In contrast to Sarah, she was humble and believed He could do just as He said. Elizabeth claimed God’s favor, having assurance of faith that God had granted her “great mercy.” She so delighted in joy she went around with other neighbors and relatives including Mary, her cousin and the mother of Jesus.  Elizabeth had a son John the Baptist whom Jesus said in Matt 11:11, “Truly I tell you among those born of women there has not risen greater than..”.

Sister, what is clear in these two circumstances is that the more purely humble and trusting of the Lord and of what He can do, we are-invites Him to come very close to us and have great and greater than more than we could ask or imagine in store for us!

Concern (C)Sister, are you barren in faith?  The times we live in are never outside of God’s ability to manage.  Are you trusting of Him to author your life in incredible ways?  God writes about 8 billion stories every day every year.  He’s got this! But what will your input include?  Will you laugh in disbelief like Elizabeth at first?  Or will you rejoice in laughter believing God like Sarah at first?  John 14:1 “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me.” Believe sister.

Encouragement (E)Laugh!  The Bible refers to women many times as laughing, singing and so.  Is it that God loves to see us laughing, smiling, giggling and enjoying Him like the loving engaged father He is.  Despite the many things set up against us to cry, be fearful, anxious, agitated, angered and all over depressed–we need let go to let laugh!  Prov 31:25 “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come”.  The Lord promised that He will be with us through it all. Go ahead wrap yourself in some God clothes.

Act (A):  Be Joyful !  Read John 15:11, Pet 1:8, Lk 6:21.  The joy that Jesus gave his disciples were in the words He said.  We have those words today as our daily encouragement of being joyful-the Bible.  Our joy is full and complete in Christ.  He took the hardest part of the test away when he died on the cross.  All we have to do is to follow Him straight in to glorious victory.  If that does not make you smile, be joyful and happy.  Sister you got to repent and laugh. 

For Further Women’s History

Editor’s Note: July’s blog on Esther had an content date error with a July/August mixup. To correct this mistake this post includes a contrast of two women that was planned to be written for August and September months separately. Sorry for any confusion caused. Thanks for your continued subscribership!

May 28th Eve – Our 1st Mother

“With the help of the Lord I have brought forth..” NIV Gen 4:1. 

                Firstly, happy Mother’s Day again to all women who are mother figures.  Every day in biblical regard is mother’s day, as the Ten Commandments put moms (and dads) in high esteem. Exodus 20.12. Lofty historical firsts are many in May for women of various societal roles.   1872 Victoria Woodhull, representing the Equal Rights Party, was the 1st woman candidate nominee for US president.  1973 Swimmer Lynn Genesko, received 1st athletic scholarship awarded to a woman -Go U. of Miami!.  1950 Gwendolyn Brooks is 1st African American woman to receive Pulitzer Prize for Poetry 1950.  2020 many children young and old were not able to spend Mother’s day with their mothers for the first time. 

                COVID19 a global virus had come. With it, numerous, unforeseeable disruptions and unplanned or no planned celebrations of moms.  Some were in nursing homes or hospitals unable to be visited for safety restrictions.  Others long distanced could not be visited due to limited, cancelled or banned travel arrangements.  Some mothers, with much sorrow, had passed away.  These circumstances resulted in an unprecedented time of hugging/kissing/loving bonds-challenge. 

                Yet we keep in us a hope to see our moms again.  Romans 5.5 “and hope does not disappoint us because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.”  Those who have the Holy Spirit are filled to satisfaction with the fulfillment of hope.  Praise God for his sufficiency especially through trying times full of lack. 2 Cor 12.9.  Amen for our provisional God Jehovah Jireh. And for the love that remains.

                Eve was the mother of all firsts, hand sculpted and drawn from man by the perfect God himself.  So she was perfect for Adam, perfect for the world, perfect for all people, things and events to come.  Although she was cast out of garden, one could argue that she never fell completely from grace.  First woman Eve, famed for her faults, will be refocused on her missed positives.  She was not born into sin, so she was perfectly sinless.  Eve also was not artificial in any way.  The ideal companion, helper and…mother to ever walk this earth.  No one can compare- even if they lived her 900 years as scholars believe Eve did.

                In defense of Eve, she never experienced a Satanic attack, temptation, or influence before.  While we who read the Bible, have seen/heard/ or witnessed the destruction of the Devil before.  Eve had no prior reference of the lying serpent or sins’ critical consequences.  She “just” disobeyed God.  Not to make light pride of her sin, but can we really condemn her for something we do to this very day.  Additionally, sister, can we do this with or without the foreknowledge of his clever trickiness and sins’ potential devastating outcomes?

                Praise God for his mercy and awesome grace. For no woman, nor mother is flawless.  Yet they are ideally created just for us, and for us to be their children- whether biological, adopted or genetically engineered.  Provided by a God who forgives and loves us for so much.  Jesus being an example of someone who loved Mary, his mother to the very end of his days.  He listened to her, honored her and took care of her for the rest of her days.  John 19: 25-27.

Concern (C)Sister, do you show Jesus’ love to your mother?  If yes, then Amen.  If no, take a deep look inside yourself through the lens of the Lord.  Study out his word on how serious God is about honoring your parents.

Encouragement (E)Respect Mom. Mk 7: 10 (Jesus says to Pharisees & scribes) “For Moses said, Honor your father and your mother’*; and, ‘Whoever reviles father or mother must surely die.’  *(Note: He does not state only if they were good parents to you).  Like Eve what will, with the help of God, you contribute and “bring forth” to life.

Act (A):  Privilege & Praise Mom.  Water to wine Jesus gave his best, spurred by mom. Jn 2:1-11.  Bring her pleasure in being your best child whether 9 or 99.  Privilege her even if she has wronged you.  Should you have an estranged relationship -repent and forgive earnestly! Eph 4:32. God allows no heart to harbor unforgiveness towards others nonetheless your mother. Restore your relationship- for Jesus first, giving God the glory.  Next, for you, letting your hurt go and making room for being blessed.  After, for your family, who may be blessed through the repaired connection (heritage, health, happiness perhaps inheritance).  And then for your mother, if these priority points help.  Free her and YOU from guilt. Continue to hold out hope for how God made her, which although is not perfect,  is a vital part of God’s overall plan.

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April 29th The Apostle -Mary Magdalene

“I have seen the Lord!” John 20:18 NIV

                Historically, April has been a great month in first strides for women.  Notably on April 7, 1805, 17 yr old Sacagawea, daughter of Shoshone chief, was the only woman and a new mother  who helped discover western territories to the Pacific Ocean as an interpreter for the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition.  April 16, 1912, 37 yr old Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly across the English Channel by plane after being the first woman to have gained a pilot’s license in the US a year before.   Lastly, April 2, 1931, 17 yr old Jackie Mitchell, the 2nd woman to play baseball in the all-male minor leagues, struck out NY Yankees Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth in an exhibition game.  Next day, her contract was voided and women banned from playing in major and minor baseball leagues until it was overturned in 1992. You go lionhearted ladies!

                Mary Magdalene was an avant garde lady like these.  Mary of Magdala was a rich woman who used her talents and service to advance Jesus’ ministry.  Jesus cured her of seven demons which bible scholars, though uncertain, believed it was a severe mental illness.  His love made a devoted and powerful follower out of Mary.  Being the first to witness the resurrected Jesus, Mary Magdalene is popularly known to be the Apostle of Apostles.  Jesus had opened her weeping eyes to recognize him at which she cried “Rabboni” (Teacher in Aramaic).  Then the Lord commanded her to go back and tell the others what she had witnessed.  In joy, she did.

                Mary Magdalene is mentioned over 12 times in the New Testament more than most of the apostles.  Her prominence, loyalty and devotion to her Master and Savior is only comparable to two other women of the new testament gospels-his mother and aunt. When all other disciples had fled in fear and despair, it is our brave and faithful sister Mary Magdalene who stayed with them at the shadowing of the cross. She followed Jesus through life for hope. Then she followed Him through death which eventually led to greater hope!  A testament to women everywhere that we are greatly loved, valuable and essential in the work of God.

Concern (C):   Sister, do you see your role in the Lord as being essential?  During this COVID viral crisis, there are many talking about the worth of emergency and essential workers.  We applaud them for all that they are doing to save and help our lives.  Do you as a woman who knows the gospel understand that you are also a Emergency worker to save souls and help others too? Acts 2 & 3.  You sister are an essential worker for God.

Encouragement (E):  Mary Magdalene was never mentioned as being espoused in her workings.  Her significant other was Christ.  Unmarried sisters who may be sheltering in place alone do you realize that the Lord is always your husband.  Isa 54:5.  Many women long for that better half.  But it is the Lord that wants to make you whole and to be your completion.  God used her and other women in the Word in a tremendous way and built a great ministry with their personal contributable resources.  Lk 8:2-3.  What can you bring to God’s table all of your own?

Act (A):  In considering Mary Magdalene, how can you use your talents for the work of his Kingdom?  People outside and especially inside the church need your vision.  Messenger of hope, tell the despaired today that the Lord is still alive!  Encourage them by the words He said and the miraculous things He has done, is doing and could do.  Show everyone by your stalwart life and ablest deeds that you too can say “I have seen the Lord!”

For more info:
-Sacagawea, Biography. com.
-Harriet Quimby National Aviation Hall of Fame.
-Jackie Mitchell. 07/obituaries/jackie-mitchell-overlooked.html

Be safe. Stay home. Save Lives. -With love from The Daughter Line.

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Gen 2.23 (MSSG) Name her Woman,

Welcome back. March is Women’s History Month. Our theme for 2020 is the commemoration of the centennial celebration of women’s right to vote in USA. Inviting you to join us in exploring great historical and biblical women. Please share with family & friends-our goal is for 100 new followers. Thank you, From The Daughter Line,