Oct 31st Breast Cancer Awareness Month-Upd Interview w/Sharryl-CPN & Cancer Survivor-2016 Repost


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jer 29:11 {NIV}

**Reposting this blog in honor of Sharryl Travis’ cousin Elijah Cummings an outstanding Congressman (served 1996-2019) who spoke about our need to defeat cancer “in our lifetime” and for treatment funding.  Noting that cancer is a disease unfairly fatal for African Americans, he incited people to obtain regular screening exams which is “critical to our survival”.   Cummings died on Oct 17, 2019 of  health complications yet believed by his brother James Cummings to have “..had cancer”*  

When our sister, Sharryl Travis, (pictured above along with her daughter Eboni a Mentor for youth whose parents have cancer) a nurse for over 20 years, thinks about why she is here, she knows it is because God is amazing!  She is a survivor, first diagnosed with cervical cancer over 26 years ago.  Like a lot of women she asked herself, Why me?, What did I do?, Will I make it?  Yet she believed it was a part of God’s plan to help inspire others fighting cancer.  And she is indeed a Cancer Patient Navigator (CPN) warrior and advocate for women with all types of cancer.

You think Halloween is scary.  Not taking a mammogram and other diagnostic tests to know if you have cancer or not is scary.  Did you know that “In the localized stage and with early detection the 5-year relative survival rate is 99%”. -American Cancer Society

Living with constant nerve and scar tissue pain after chemo and radiation therapy does not dismay Sharryl to Live.  Neither would she acquiesce to this disease or its effects.  Concerned more with staying around for her husband of over 33 years, her 5 children and her grandchildren, Sharryl is here on purpose, driven to serve God in this meaningful way.

*In 2019, about 1.8 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the US. An estimated 268,600 women and 2,670 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer, which makes it the most common cancer diagnosis.  In 2016 when this article 1st posted that is over 6.81% increase from the estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer.  Additionally 606, 880 people will die from the disease in 2019 which is up 1.88% from 2016 -National Cancer Institute 

One of Sharryl’s missions is as a Cancer Patient Navigator (CPN) a program which began at Harlem Hospital by Dr. Harold Freeman and supported by Sloan Kettering Hospital.  However due to budget cuts, the CPN program has ended and she is now in partnerships with Albert Einstein and Montefiore hospitals.  A CPN helps people battling cancer to get through those barriers of cancer. The barriers Sharryl and other CPNs help breakthrough are: getting people resources to stop bill collectors, finding a doctor, obtaining childcare so one can focus on their well being and so much more!

Excitedly, Sharryl is about to commence on new cancer awareness events in various ministry partnerships as a National Cervical Cancer Coalition Chapter Leader and  as an American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Team Leader.  Within these roles, she conducts training programs for CPNs that are Faith Based to teach others through the word.  CPN training involves how to do faith based support in outreach, screening, hospital referrals and end of life care.  Sharryl is very busy doing God’s will, for she is grateful for every moment.  We who have faith believe that she has a lot more living to do!

Concern (C)Do you know that both men and women can acquire breast cancer?  Early detection is key especially for men who have a higher mortality rate due to lack of  awareness and subsequent early treatment.  Additionally, some cancers can be acquired through sexual intercourse by both sexes.  Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can cause various types of cancers, oral, genital and rectal.  Furthermore, men can get penile cancer from sex; whereas women can get vulvar and cervical cancer.

Encouragement (E):  There is Hope! People with cancer often seek God throughout this time, they know that it is possible to be healed through God’s word and proper treatment.  So Sharryl wants her sisters reading this to Trust in God with your temple, it belongs to Him and He will bring you through this.  In reciprocity, we would like to encourage Sharryl and her other daughter fighting cancer (who has been baptized into Christ for over 3 years now) that our prayers are with them.  We send up our supplications to God for their continued wellness and complete victory in cancer recovery.  Sharryl has been in remission for over 5 years.  Amen!

Act  (A):  Learn and Share the information.  Start a cancer support ministry/group at your place of worship like Sharryl did.  Consider the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendation to have the HPV vaccination for your child.  Call and/or visit cancer patients (bring food, unite in prayer, be authentic and attentive)- but ask for permission first.  Be an advocate for cancer screening budgets with your representatives.  Participate in walks and spur others to join and raise funds. Just be a friend.  Speak to someone who has been through this-including Sharryl herself.  For CPN and other info you can contact her at travis.nccdc@gmail.com or 646-281-2234.


Sharryl Travis would like to dedicate this interview to her family  and for those who have battled and died from cancer-especially her former team Pamela, Alva, Louisa & Alicia.

You can find Sharryl’s S,A.V.E.D 4  Life (Survivors, Awareness, Victorious, Early  Detections) organization on worldwide television, radio shows and tours with promoting cancer and Aids awareness. 




2 thoughts on “Oct 31st Breast Cancer Awareness Month-Upd Interview w/Sharryl-CPN & Cancer Survivor-2016 Repost

  1. This topic hits home for me because my mother passed away from breast cancer. Thank you for your strength to continue to be an encouragement to others sharryl and amen on your daughters baptism….it is important to respect our temple and get early detection. Prevention and proactive measures are def the way to go.


    1. Thank you for your comments Mocha Dream. We appreciate you sharing about your mother’s cancer and my condolences for your loss. Cancer is in my family also and I believe in early detection and prevention as key to higher mortality rates. Please share the blog and keep the encouragement going. Happy Holidays


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